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Help with Praetorians online...:)

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1 Help with Praetorians online...:) on Fri Dec 12, 2008 8:14 pm


Hey guys, here is some very good informaton about Praetorians onoline gameing by me

how to add ports for praetorians multiplayer?

my computer------> control panel------->windows firewall-------> untick "dont allow exceptions"------->then click ok .
click on start------->run-------> write "cmd.exe" then press ok------->write "ipconfig" then press enter-------> then copy default gateway address number(ip) and paste it in ur browser(example: urs could be different)------->and press enter .(if it asks u for a username and pass then look at ur router should be written on it or on its box)
you will now see specifications and some info abt ur router ------->add ports------->add port 2300(start) to 2400(end) choose both proctocols(both tcp and UDP)------->add port 47624(start) to 47624(end)protocol UDP only -------> save

wich programs to use to play praetorians multiplayer?

3 programs can currently be used for praetorians multiplayer:
hamachi(RECOMMANDED) and u can download it from here:

after installing the program join somes of these networks or all of them to find players :
Praetorians (CZECH) pass: Praetorians (CZECH)
Praetorians>aktiv Pass: Game
Praetorians>aktiv2 Pass: Game
*SPQR* Pass: Praetorians
Preagame Pass: game
Ceasars Schlacht pw: Game
Praetorians Battlefield Pass: Rospa
DreedLord pass: AVAM
I'm Praetorian pass: crash
Germanian Cavalry pass: Germanian Cavalry
IPW2 pass: praetorians
IPW3 pass: praetorians
IPW4 pass: praetorians
IPW5 pass: praetorians
Bubelsik pass: Bombel (or bombel)
Conflict22 pass: 123
praetorians5 pass: 123
aktywni pass Szczepek
The Room of Doom pass:ROD
Lord of the World pass:LordPraet
Come to Darkness pass:CTD
MaximusAD pass:Maximus
Lord of Wars: pass:Lordiano
Simply Come and DIE pass: SCAD
Lord6 pass 123
TILOWOLFS4 pass 123

you can also play on gamspy:

or gameranger a new place to play online praetorians and other games:

Any other sites for praetorians?

yes,http: from eidos forum xd

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2 Re: Help with Praetorians online...:) on Fri Dec 12, 2008 8:39 pm


Banned just found it you can try to play praetorians on it if you are having problems with hamachi or gamespy or something else.

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3 Re: Help with Praetorians online...:) on Fri Dec 12, 2008 8:46 pm


I know friend...i post it in download list...Wink

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4 Re: Help with Praetorians online...:) on Sun Dec 14, 2008 2:36 pm


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hey guys!
cool website devoti!

i downloaded Garena, but it does not support the Praetorians game. or does it? if it does, can somebody explain how to set things up?

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5 Re: Help with Praetorians online...:) on Thu Dec 18, 2008 1:55 pm


Yo dude...thnx very very much...but i really did not try the program cuz it's very new so i think not that much of Praetorians player will be there that if the program supports it....hehe pirat

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6 Re: Help with Praetorians online...:) on Wed May 27, 2009 3:27 pm


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oh my god nextwork the full

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