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about making a new menu for praetorians

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1 about making a new menu for praetorians on Sun Mar 01, 2009 7:28 pm


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hy ... i am new here and sorry for may bad english ... but can we talk about how we can mod the menu and make a new background for praetorians ...

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2 Re: about making a new menu for praetorians on Mon Mar 02, 2009 4:41 pm

yo dude, well ur eng is good, and abt the mod's menu, i think that my brother devoti is gonna make one, well, he alrdy did one for the mod imperial, and if u know how to creat a menue, plz do it, and add it here, so we can discuss abt it Very Happy

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3 Re: about making a new menu for praetorians on Mon Mar 02, 2009 10:34 pm


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well i revers engineered the menu.pak file from mod imperial and discovered how to change the back ground is easy but you need a *.dds plugging for your photoshop Very Happy ... that is all you need and photoshop ...
i have my photoshop i think it is CS version ... i had the CD some were =)) i just found it, some teacher in high school gave it to me Very Happy .... long time ago Very Happy

any way the steps were ...
1. decrypting menu.pak
2. opening it with winrar
3. extracting the content
4. i only left in it and thunbs.db i don;t know what that is ...
the rest i deleted there were like 2 more other files ...
5. the picture must be 1024 by 768 ... and you must export it with the name of ( and in this format ... dds )
6. if the picture is bigger you can adjust it in image - image size from photoshop ...
7. after that i put the new exported in the menu.pak ...
8. i hope you can understand if not ... i think i will do a tutorial ...

Hope this will help some one king

ow yeah and about the menu ... i think all of you know or if you don't there is a file in data named textos.pak and in this file after you decrypt it you will find another file named textos and in there you can search for the DefTextoGUI.dat file and chante single player to SPQR for example and the campaign button to The Battle for Rome button ... any way try to search textos.pak and you will find many interesting stuff ....

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