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Left 4 Dead(1Link)INCLUDED Online [1 LINK]

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1Left 4 Dead(1Link)INCLUDED Online [1 LINK] Empty Left 4 Dead(1Link)INCLUDED Online [1 LINK] on Sat Aug 01, 2009 1:49 pm


[code] 0O8RI49K


[code] instructions:
1) Extract the game, enter the password (scroll up) and go to the L4D folder.
2) Install the game, it should approximately take 10 minutes, but is dependent on each computer.
3) Extract the crack, browse to your L4D folder, install it into the folder.
4) Download and install Garena (create an account), and check the settings as shown below.
Garena Settings
1. On Garena, find and click Settings which located at top of Garena.
2. Once the Game Settings appear, find and click Left 4 Dead in LAN Games list on the left.
3. In Executable Settings, browse to your left4dead.exe, eg: C:\Program Files\Left 4 Dead\left4dead.exe
4. In Game Bootstrap Parameters, fill in +sv_allow_lobby_connect_only 0 +sv_lan 1.
5. Click OK button and you are done.

How to enable console?

1. Start Left 4 Dead
2. Once on the Menu, click OPTIONS.
3. An extended menu will appear at the right, click Keyboard/Mouse.
5. Another extended menu will appear right side, click Enabled.
6. Your developer console is now enabled.

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