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Oh really !

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1Oh really ! Empty Oh really ! Wed Apr 13, 2011 9:39 pm


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So , this is kinda gonna contain explicit language so ... don't go rage at me , but it's with a peaceful reason !
Well , I wonder what the freaking hell happened with our forum ? I mean , simply what the f*ck , there were so much great times , and you guys , you freaking gave up on the last mile !
This is fucking retarded , the last post was on March 30 , but when I joined the clan and the forum , everyone was happy and active , now , we're like dead . I wish we could regroup and go own more people , but I guess that's a dream that's never gonna happen ... too bad because , I'm sure everyone misses those times , no matter what . I wanna see at least one reply for this post , because , if we TOTALLY broke apart , then freaking post something about it ! I'm the only one alive around here , but I'm sure I'm not the only one that misses those times . I am not gonna repeat myself many times , but I freaking wanna see us owning again !


I hope that's motivating enought , if not , WE < are totally ruined and this means by , WE got owned by our own intentions .


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