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Understanding Human Mentality [Tut in the rough].

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I have come to understand greatly how people think. I'm not quite learned in Freudian body language, but I am quite learned in self-taught SE.

In this tutorial I will attempt to explain just how to get inside someone's head. Understand that each person is different, and a person's mindset and past experiences will amplify/mute these methods.


Some people already know things like this, and some do not. The main idea of this tutorial is to explain just how people think and how they judge you.
Everyone formulates their responses to a statement, and knowing how you do that subconsciously will allow you to very-fine tune your responses to make people think what you want them to.
An obvious example is when someone tells you their mother died. You should respond comfortingly, or perhaps making it obvious you're deflecting the statement to take their mind off of the grievous event. Both would work on most people. You wouldn't tell a joke or complain about your problems. When people call on you with a problem, they think that you will listen. When you learn just how all these situations fit together, you begin to understand how that person thinks, and then you can control them subtly to your will. You might not be able to make a cult member out of them, but you'll certainly be able to do other things.


Perhaps the most sought after thing when people learn how to SE are girls. Everyone wants to understand body language, and everyone wants to know how to flirt.
I will attempt to provide a basic list of how each kind of girl thinks, and how they go about judgement.
Shy girls, will more often than not, have low self-esteems. They often feel that they're 'too weird' or another self-deprecating reason and they won't socialize. They are the most immune to compliments. Most shy girls know enough about SE that they smell false compliments at the first one. The best thing to do is strike up a conversation with a neutral statement, that you devise from perhaps looking at her Myspace or Facebook page. Don't lie and say that you love X, and want to talk about it. Just do some web searches if you don't know about it, and strike up a conversation with the latest press event about it. They'll listen if they are actually interested in it. They tend to believe that guys all think they're too ugly to like them, so subtle praises work wonders.
Me: Did you hear that the guy that played Edward in Twilight almost died while escaping from a mob of obsessed fans?
Her: Really? Wow. I like Twilight, but not that much. I understand that he needs his space. Besides, I wouldn't fit in with that group of girls, I'm too
(NOTE: This is where common sense and individuality comes in. Some girls don't like the approaching technique, some girls do. Take things into your own hands. Tutorials are meant to teach, not as a manual.)
Me: I think you'd fit in well with the rabid Twilighters, lol.

What I did there was obvious, but because she's shy, she won't have expected me to compliment her. She feels apart from her clique in this situation, and to get on her good side you subtly throw in that you think she is part of that clique. This makes her happy in most cases.

Of course you'll have to experiment on your own, but most of the time this can be applied to shy girls in general.
Some girls are a certain kind of shy, where they're shy to strangers, but quite open to friends. Take advantage of this and learn if she's one of those girls, because it very drastically changes the way you should act and talk around her. If she's a local girl that you maybe go to school with, look through your friends' profiles for the girl, and add her if you're close to one of the friends that has her on their list.
The girl I'm currently getting after was dating one of my good friends. I added her, she thought it was because of him. I'm currently using that to my advantage. Use things as veils. Girls are paranoid about SE guys, so use everything you can as a veil to disguise what you are really doing. Also, do things slowly. I cannot stress enough do take your time. Mental manipulation can sometimes take upwards of weeks to get profit out of, so be patient.

If you're trying to build a relationship with this girl, the rules change a little. People often say you need to make the girl laugh, but you need not boast yourself the entire conversation. Only a girl who was interested in you prior to speaking to you will listen to that. You need to make her feel good, too. Tell her she is funny, but do it subtly.
Her: I guess you could say I'm a couch potato.
Me: What are the other fruits called?
Her: Huh?
Me: Like an exercise carrot or a cooking pear.
Her: It's a cooking APPLE. APPLE!
Me: What would a peach be?
Her: A wall peach.
Me: This conversation .

You have just told her that you think she is funny, but you did it with context referring to the conversation, not her. Most girls won't recognize this, and if they do, will more often than not put it into the list of favorable traits about you.
To give you a rough list of how you can work around traits of the girl, the girl I have been using in this tutorial is:
Generally low self-esteem, but not meek.
Laid back

If that gives you insight on how to treat them further, more power to you.

If she's easily amused or kind-hearted or hard to annoy, feel free to point out her grammar errors, but only ones that are easy to spot, like 'most lucky'. Generally she would find this funny, but you have to judge her to be sure. Don't be a Grammar-Nazi.

Some girls are defensive of what they like. Some girls are quite hard to read online, whereas some make it quite clear what they're thinking.

A few tips concerning the 'flow' of a conversation, if you're trying to convey that you're making a face whilst saying something, put it with the sentence, not after the period.
'Why are you so mean to me D:Conveys a much different thought than:
'Why are you so mean to me! D:
In the first statement, it appears that the face is intended to be what you're feeling as you type back. In the second statement, it's meant to be a statement of its own. Semantics are an important part of SE. Loosening up your grammar also helps promote a comfortable and fun atmosphere, whereas being precise and funny will often lead to awkward situations.
General people

Most people you can very easily manipulate. You have to do things that may seem like stalking outwardly, but are much less hostile. For example, if you are in class, and the teacher has given you freetime, and the person you want to manipulate is talking to someone near you, open a book, and stare at the pages, but listen to his/her conversation. It doesn't even have to be a book, just do something that would require visual attention. Listen in on their views, morals, and level of intelligence. Assume a lot. You can most often assume that people who are jocks will be narrow minded, and more often than not, of lesser IQ.
It's simpler than you would think to learn who someone is.

I cannot explain in words sufficiently how to judge, but I will try. You must look at the way they think, their level of self-consciousness, their level of physical activity, anything you can.
If you wish to manipulate someone, you have to know who they are so well that you can put yourself in their shoes and be sure you're accurately mimicking what they would think. This is when you can begin manipulating.


People generally expect the worst of people. These are the ones that are easy to manipulate. If they're expecting you to be a SE, and you convince them otherwise, doors will fly open. Happy-go-lucky people are generally harder to manipulate as they become offended easily, and more often than not have differing mindsets from SE, therefore making it harder to befriend them.

As everyone says, opposites attract. When you figure out how someone thinks, be the neutral opposite of them. If someone is aggressive, be defensive. If someone is defensive, feel free to strike up conversations. In teen years, people want people who are what most life health classes call 'astral opposites' where it's the same person, but the opposite gender. When you graduate from your teen years, you begin to realize that most of the time, you can't stand being around yourself. That's when you look for someone opposite of you. If you're energetic, you might realize you have quite a bunch of lazy friends, and vice versa. This is not true for certain things, like:
Social cliques
People make friends who are opposites of them within their own cliques, not outside of them. This is why people are so often isolated in high school to their own group of friends. It's a caste system, perceived by some to go as follows:
(From 'most' important to 'least')
Jocks/Cheerleaders -> Preps -> Bookworms/Academics -> Goths -> Anime fans -> Nerds

I'm sure you'll find the reason this is, is because the further you go, the more the deviation from pop culture. Jocks almost invariably listen to what's 'hip' and nerds, for example everyone on hackforums.net, don't. I myself listen to death metal and German Neu Deutsch Härte (R+, Oomph, etc.). I cannot listen to rap without a scowl on my face.
A simple way of cheating your way into the other castes, is not by dressing like them, but simply agreeing with their musical interests.

False Body Language

Another simple way to get into someone's head is to do what they do in Law and Order: Watch their movement, and break them apart by revealing their logical fallacies. When you're talking to someone, watch their reactions. Keep the whole conversation in your head as you talk.
(Different girl.)
Me: So she said 'e-hug' to make me feel better.
(She begins wringing her hands. I notice.)
Her: Oh.
Me: Since you're her friend, what do you think that means?
Her: Well knowing her I think it means that she was sorry.
Me: You're lying. If you weren't why would you have started wringing your hands? You're nervous, because her saying that means more than you're telling me.
Her: Uh...
Me: Tell me or I'll just leave, and you won't get to tell me what you wanted to.
Her: Fine, fine. I think it means she does care about you, perhaps more than a friend, and that scares me.

In this I was attentive, and it payed off. As a SE, you must look for logical fallacies, for people, all people, are compulsive liars. The only way you can get the truth is by proving that you caught them lying. Human embarassment and guilt set in, and you learn the truth. As proved in another thread, you don't always need to prove it with evidence, but simply make them think you know what they did. In the other thread, the guy used his own keylogger to spy on his cheating girlfriend. He could have just as easily told her he put the keylogger in and said that he caught her, and it's just as likely that she would have buckeled the same way.

Posture, and controlling your body language.

The average Joe doesn't know what Freudian psychology is, or what the corresponding body language is. Take advantage of this. This is possibly incorrect to hide your intentions, but for around 80% of people you manipulate, this works well.
If at a table, sit with your arms on the table, hands either apart and still, or together in a business-like fashion. If you keep them in your lap, hold them still on your thighs. Sit upright and when trying to get the truth out of someone, obtain eye contact and don't break it, for any reason. Ask them questions, while simultaneously gaining contradicting statements to prove their fallacies, then break it out. Speak only when you're sure of what you're going to say, and be precise in what you say. This is only to be used when you're interrogating someone, or trying to manipulate a friend, as strangers will shrug you off and call you an idiot. When trying to manipulate a stranger, doing all these things casually helps. Act almost as if your conversation with them is not your main focus, as this will lend to the fact that you 'know' what they did, or whatever you're attempting. People can tell when you're obviously trying to SE them, so be slick about it.


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